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How to track order status?

As a registered user in our shop you can monitor the status of each order.

You can find information about the current status of your order by logging into our shop under the "Status" tab. In the order details, you will also find information about the shipping address you have ordered, the products you ordered and the delivery method.
Confirmed - means that the buyer has confirmed the order by clicking on the link in the email sent to him by the seller upon receipt of the order.
Pending for payment - means that we have not yet recorded a payment for an "upfront payment" order. Your order will only be delivered when it is paid. There is no way to change the form of payment or pay the installment fee.
Paid - means that the payment for the order placed has been posted to the seller's bank account or has been registered as "received-ended" on your PayU payment account.
In preparation - means that the order has been delivered for execution. Products are stocked in the warehouse, and in the case of personalized products, they are prepared according to the specification specified in the order.
Ready for shipment - means that the order has been completed and is waiting for the courier.
Sent - means that the order has been physically transferred to the courier or other entity performing the shipment.
Delivered - Means that we have received a receipt from the buyer.
Ready to receive (option for personal receipt) - means that the order has been completed and is awaiting receipt by the buyer.
Received (optional for personal receipt) - means that the order was received by the buyer.
Canceled - means that the entire order or shipment has been canceled. Cancellation of the order can be made in the case of no payment for the order placed within 7 days of its submission, at the request of the ordering party or for other reasons on the seller's side, after prior agreement with the buyer.